Friday, October 15, 2010



小林克也さんの番組でした。検索してみたら、「洋楽の歌詞の意味を native speaker に確認しつつ解説し、リスナーが英語の曲をカラオケで歌い、小林が後でコメントする挑戦コーナー」と出ました。まさにこれ!


ウィキペディアで小林克也さんの項目を読み知りましたが、小林さんもFENで英語を勉強されたんですね。何がきっかけだったかは忘れましたが、私もFEN を利用しました。BGMのようにいつもつけておきました。始めはちんぷんかんぷんでしたが、少しずつわかってくるようになりました。


Friday, October 1, 2010



『親しき友に』 p.32



『親しき友に』 p.30

Monday, September 27, 2010



『親しき友に』 p.10

Friday, September 10, 2010

Baby book experiment #3

Experiment #3: The moon book again at nap time. This time though, I said the lyrics of the Japanese lullaby (ゆりかごのうた) that I sing every time I put my baby down to sleep instead as I flipped the pages . Oh boy, he looked so sad, confused and almost angry that I had to quickly say, "OK, OK, let's read it again"! As I read it "the correct way," his facial expression gradually changed, and I got a smile at the end. :D *phew*

Is this amazing or what? I was pretty certain that my guess would be right again this time, but still, it pleasantly surprised me, in a way.

Good Evening, Dear Moon

In case anybody is wondering, the 絵本 (Japanese children's book) that I've been talking about this week is 『おつきさまこんばんは』 - "Otsukisama Konbanwa" by Akiko Hayashi whom I absolutely adore. I probably own all the books that she has illustrated/written.

The English version of this book is "Good Evening, Dear Moon." Nothing is better than the original, but I'd still recommend it to parents.

So I'm going to call the book "the moon book" on Twitter and this blog from now on.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Baby book experiment #2

Experiment #2: Baby was whiny at bedtime (his naps weren't great). I asked him, "Do you want to read?" about 5 times. No response.

I then said the title of the Japanese book, just like yesterday. He immediately opened his eyes and enjoyed the book with a big smile. :D

His reaction was exactly what I'd expected! I'm having too much fun observing how my three kids learn languages. :)